Board of Directors


The Board of Directors is the Association’s governing and policy-making body. On behalf of registered nurses in New Brunswick, the Board ensures that the Association achieves the results defined in the Ends policies in the best interest of the public.


The twelve member Board of Directors is comprised of a President, President-Elect, seven Region Directors and three Public Directors.

The President-Elect is elected for a two year term which is followed by a two year term as President. Region Directors are elected for two year terms by members living within their respective geographic regions and by members who work in the region but do not reside in New Brunswick. The three Public Directors are appointed by the Minister of Health and by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council for two year terms.

Policy Governance

The Board of Directors adopted Carver’s model of policy governance in 1993. The goal of adopting this model was to clearly separate the role of governance from the role of management thereby empowering both the Board and staff to contribute more effectively and appropriately to the Association.

NANB Board of Directors' Meetings

  • October 25-26, 2017
  • February 21, 2018
  • May 8-9, 2018
  • October 16-17, 2018

Observers are welcome at all Board of Directors' meetings. Please contact Paulette Poirier, Executive Assistant-Corporate Secretary at or by calling (506) 459-2858.


Below is a list of the Board of Directors detailing their position and the year they were elected. If you would like to contact a board member, or have questions regarding the Board of Directors, please contact NANB.

Effective September 1, 2016 to August 31, 2017

Position Name Year Elected
President Brenda Kinney, RN 2015
President-Elect Karen Frenette, RN 2015
Director Region 1 Joanne LeBlanc-Chiasson, RN 2016 (2 year term)
Director Region 2 Jillian Ring, RN 2015 (2 year term)
Director Region 3 Amy McLeod, RN 2016 (2 year term)
Director Region 4 France Marquis, RN 2016 (1 year term)
Director Region 5 Thérèse Thompson, RN, NP 2016 (2 year term)
Director Region 6 Annie Boudreau, RN 2015 (2 year term)
Director Region 7 Lisa Keirstead Johnson, RN 2016 (2 year term)
Public Director Edward Dubé (appointed by the Minister of Health) 2015 (2 year term)
Public Director Rebecca Butler (appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council) 2016 (2 year term)
Public Director Joanne Sonier (appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council) 2016 (2 year term)

Boardroom Notes