Vision, Mandate, Values & Public Protection


Leadership and innovation in nursing regulation in New Brunswick


Regulation for safe, competent, and ethical nursing care.


Integrity/ Competence/ Accountability/ Innovation

Under the Nurses Act, NANB is legally responsible to protect the public by regulating members of the nursing profession in New Brunswick. Regulation makes this profession, and nurses as individuals, accountable to the public for the delivery of safe, competent and ethical nursing care.

Public Protection

NANB has adopted a three-pronged approach to self-regulation:
By placing most of our emphasis on promotion and prevention, the need for discipline interventions is kept to a minimum. While incidents of misconduct or incompetence are rare, given the number of nurses providing service to the public, they do occur. It is important that the Association is prepared to respond appropriately.

  1. promoting good practice,
  2. preventing undesirable practice, and
  3. intervening with unacceptable practice when necessary.

New Brunswick nurses are accountable for meeting professional standards defined by the Nurses Association. NANB produces a variety of publications that explain professional standards and practice expectations.