Virtual AGM: Tuesday May 11, 2021

NANB will host a virtual AGM scheduled for Tuesday May 11, 2021 at 9:30am. NANB is endeavouring to replicate an in-person meeting highlighting business that will present the 2020 Annual Report and Auditor's Report (2.5 hrs).

WHEN: Tuesday, May 11, 2021
TIME: 9:30 am (2.5 hr Business Meeting)
WHERE: Virtual (Zoom Pro)

Virtual AGM Program (Business Meeting) 

NANB Annual Report 2020

Standing Rules for Annual General Meeting

Below you will find: Information on the proxy voting process, how to submit ‘resolutions from the floor’, as well as Zoom Pro technical support guidelines.

Voting Eligibility Consistent with In-person AGMs

Who is eligible to vote at the AGM?

  1. Registered practising members
  2. Life Members
  3. Emergency Temporary Registered Nurses or Nurse Practitioners

Who is NOT eligible to vote at the AGM?

  1. Non-practising members
  2. Retired members
  3. Emergency Temporary Registered Graduate Nurse
  4. Nursing Students

Proxy Voting Information

Any registered practising member who does not plan to attend the 2021 virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) can make their views known through a process called proxy voting. Simply put, it is a way of voting at an AGM by authorizing another person to vote on your behalf.

Resolutions Submitted Prior to the April 1 Deadline

Resolution 1 - Acceptance of NP Endorsement of Social Development Medical Forms

Virtual AGM ‘Resolutions from the Floor’

How to submit ‘resolutions from the floor’?

To accommodate a virtual AGM, ‘resolutions from the floor’ that arise out of the business of the AGM are required in advance of the scheduled AGM (May 11, 2021) to be reviewed by the Resolutions Committee.

In the event a resolution arises based on the business of the meeting set out in the Program, it must be submitted to NANB in writing and signed by two registered practising members on or before May 10, 2021 at 13:00 hrs via email at

Zoom Pro User Guidelines

Video Conference Instructions