President's Brief

Darline Cogswell

Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You

Darline Cogswell, November 1, 2013

So here it goes; my first blog. As NANB President, it is both fearful and exciting to embark on this new technological journey that will allow me to connect with all nurses in the province and inform you of my experiences and what is happening at the provincial and federal levels.

  My first official duty as President was to Chair the NANB Board of Directors meeting which occurred on October 16-18, 2013 in Fredericton. It was a privilege to welcome six new members, as well as six returning members to the Board in my new capacity. Newly elected, Brenda Kinney, RN (St. George) joined me at the front of the room to begin her two-year mandate as President-elect. Additionally, regions 2, 3, 4 and 6 welcomed: Jillian Lawson, RN (Saint John); Amy McLeod, RN (Fredericton); Josée Soucy, RN (Edmundston); Annie Boudreau, RN (Petit-Rocher) and Edward Dubé, Public Member (Edmundston). Each representative brings a wealth of knowledge to the Board table and will serve New Brunswick nurses well.

  The meetings began by providing an orientation session to familiarize new Directors with their roles and responsibilities, as well as a comprehensive overview of NANB’s role and mandate, Strategic Plan and introduction to staff highlighting their individual roles within the Association.

  You may not be aware, prior to every Board meeting there is an environmental scan sent to Directors and Chapter Presidents; allowing members to share “what’s happening” in nursing around the province. This exercise not only informs everyone at the table but it provides an opportunity for open discussion of issues on the ground. At this past meeting, the Board spent time discussing the fiscal challenges the province is facing and some of the changes the Regional Health Authorities have had to implement. The Association maintains a lens to continue to support nursing practice, while ensuring the delivery of safe, competent care for the patients we serve.

  The Board also has a planning cycle developed each fall to provide a framework for regular review, revision and development of Board policies and monitoring reports. NANB is currently in the last year of a four year Strategic Plan and will begin a strategic planning session in the New Year looking at the next four years.

  An update on the new NCLEX exam that students will be introduced to in January 2015 was discussed with the Board. This computer-adapted exam has several advantages, one of which is the ability to write year round, as well as have your results in a timely manner. NANB continues to provide information on this transition through our website ( as well as Info Nursing journal. NANB staff are also available to answer questions either through email or 1 800 442-4417.

  NANB staff revised the joint document Working Understaffed: Professional and Legal Considerations (NANB & NBNU) which is now renamed When RNs Are Expected to Work with Limited Resources (NANB & NBNU). This revised document more accurately reflects the nurse’s reality in the workplace and is available on NANB’s website ( under publications and resources/professional practice.

  Through vigilant planning in the last Long-range Fiscal Plan (2009), NANB set aside money to install an elevator that will ensure safe building access to those with mobility issues and at the same time make building enhancements that will serve the needs of the Association for decades to come.

  This brings me to the end of my first Board Chairing experience, which I hope provided you some insight and encourage you to attend NANB meetings as an observer at any time. Meetings occur in February, May and October in Fredericton. For more information, please contact Paulette Poirier, Executive Assistant/Corporate Secretary. (

  My next task will be to represent you at the national level on the Canadian Nursing Association (CNA) Board of Directors. Presently we are reviewing CNA bylaws to approve the necessary changes at the 2014 Annual Meeting in June to adhere to the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act. Stay tuned for my next blog following these meetings.


  I leave you now with a few NANB initiatives that may be of interest to you including the ongoing efforts on the subject of professionalism. Currently the NANB Practice Department is delivering presentations by request around the province I am YOUR RN: Professionalism Makes a Difference. The next Virtual Forum on RN Prescribing, open for comments at the end of this month; as well as the next webinar on Collaboration: Shared Goals, Different Roles. I encourage you to get involved with your professional association; let your name stand for any one of NANB’s committees; such as: Discipline and Review because your input into the affairs of the Association is invaluable.