President's Brief

Darline Cogswell

President's Brief

Darline Cogswell, February 23, 2015

“Life is like one big blueprint, if you don't make plans then your future will not be built”
― Rea Hayman

As we welcome a new year, as nurses I believe we recognize difficult decisions affecting our professional practice environments are inevitable. New Brunswick faces significant fiscal challenges that present healthcare professionals, as well as policy decision-makers with opportunities to implement change. It is our responsibility as healthcare professionals to maintain a lens of public protection by supporting the delivery of safe, quality health services for all New Brunswickers. That said, this is an opportune time for nurses to continue being ‘leaders: nursing voices for change’, NANB’s theme from last year’s Invitational Forum led by expert Shari Graydon of Informed Opinions. Additionally, NANB presented four election priorities and political engagement strategies to support nurses in sharing these priorities with local candidates leading up to last September’s provincial election. If you were unable to attend NANB’s AGM and Invitational Forum, I encourage you to watch the presentations online.

On September 24th, New Brunswickers elected a new government. This government under Premier Brian Gallant has initiated a strategic program review - Engage NB; the principle objective of the review is to find measures that will aid in eliminating the province’s deficit and are calling on the public to share their ideas at
Health Minister Victor Boudreau has been tasked with spearheading the review and has repeatedly said “everything is on the table.” I urge nurses to participate in this process. The evidence is clear; implementing primary health care and a collaborative healthcare team approach improves patient’s health outcomes and is fiscally responsible in the long-term. Improved access to the right healthcare provider along with early intervention will produce a healthier population. The NANB has requested a meeting with the Minister of Health to reiterate these priorities.

In November, I attended the Canadian Nurses Association’s (CNA) Board of Director’s meetings where we focused on a five-year strategic plan which included outcomes and targets for each strategic goal. Stay tuned for further updates. Additionally, CNA hosted another successful annual ‘Hill Day’ where board members, jurisdictional executive officers and staff participated in 24 meetings with MPs from all parties, political staff and a number of Senators. Overall, MPs and staff were receptive to CNA’s recommendations and showed strong interest in supporting actions to improve healthy aging and seniors care. CNA also submitted four innovations to Health Canada’s Advisory Panel on Healthcare Innovation which included: advancing indigenous health and healing; health and where the home is: healthy aging; navigating Canada’s complex health systems: deploying registered nurses; palliative approach and end-of-life care for all Canadians.

As we plan for changes to our healthcare system as well as to services and programs delivered by our provincial government impacting the nursing profession: NANB is continuously budgeting; monitoring nursing human resources; setting operational priorities and strategic goals; electing new board directors; transforming and implementing new technology initiatives; informing nurses of relevant trends; renovating your building to enhance access; and preparing to celebrate a milestone centennial in 2016.

I invite all RNs/NPs to join NANB’s upcoming webinar titled ‘Advancing RNs Scope of Practice: Who Decides?’ by registering at online, share your comments anonymously on the subject of ‘Nursing Practice and Assisted Death’ at, encourage members residing in Region 6 (Bathurst and the Acadian Peninsula) to vote for their Board Director in April’s online/telephone election - voting instruction will be included in the Spring issue of Info Nursing, and submit your ideas for centennial celebrations to

A good plan requires everyone’s contribution, please share your ideas for continuous enhancements at