Lunch & Learn Theme: Nursing Education during COVID-19 - Virtual simulation and clinical education

18 January 2021

Description: This presentation will review the development and evaluation of a series of COVID-19 virtual simulation game (VSG) educational modules. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN) and the Canadian Alliance of Nurse Educators using Simulation (CAN-Sim) collaborated to provide essential education for nurses and nursing students. In less than two weeks, a team of simulation and clinical experts met online to develop an educational module focusing on COVID-19 assessment and personal protective equipment (PPE).  This module was designed to strengthen the capacity of graduating nursing students and practicing nurses to provide care during the COVID-19 health crisis. Available in both official languages, this module included the comprehensive VSG along with valuable related resources such as self-assessment rubrics, methods of virtual debriefing, reflective questions and preparatory readings.  The VSG focused on priority assessments and required PPEs from the patient's initial telephone contact with the public health nurse, referral to a COVID Assessment Centre, then treatment in the Emergency Department (ED).  To date, this educational module has been accessed by over 750,000 users and implemented in nursing programs across Canada and globally. Subsequently, with funding from Health Canada, another collaboration has resulted in the creation of five new bilingual VSG modules related to nursing care during COVID-19 including: (1) running a Code Blue; (2) fluid volume deficit in a geriatric patient; (3) deteriorating patient with respiratory distress; (4) airway management and ventilator care; and (5) multi-organ dysfunction.