Wound Management for Health Professionals Level II

21 September 2018 – 16 November 2018

  • University of Victoria
  • Online
  • website

Course description

This comprehensive blended learning course centers on the development of clinical skills and knowledge supportive of working with advanced-practice wound care.

The eight-week online segment focuses on:

  • pressure ulcers
  • vascular ulcers
  • VAC usage
  • debridement
  • high risk foot
  • lymphedema
  • surgical wounds
  • burns
  • oncology

The importance of additional patient factors including co-morbid conditions, psychosocial issues and resource considerations will be addressed.

In the on-campus workshop (required) you will get to practice your skills, including debridement, and present information on a wound care product you researched during the online component of the course.