CNPS Notice- 2019 Fee Increase

20 February 2018

January 26, 2018, CNPS formally informed jurisdictions their Board of Directors approved a fee increase effective immediately for the 2019 registration period. RNs will pay an additional $14.00 for a total of $48.00 per annum, and NPs will pay an additional $37.00 for a total of $122.00 per annum. A further increase of $37.00 is expected for NPs in 2020.

The CNPS fee increase is directly related to the increased number of claims, higher demand for consultation services and educational presentations, as well as the complexity of cases. By adopting this fee setting strategy, CNPS can ensure long-term and continued commitment to professional liability protection for nurse members.

CNPS 2019 Fee Requirement for NANB members