Step 3: Learning Module

Completing this year’s on-line learning module titled Jurisprudence is mandatory. The purpose of the learning module is to ensure that you are aware of legislation, regulations, standards or guidelines that affect your nursing practice.

To access the Learning Module, log into your "My Profile".

Jurisprudence FAQs.

Tips for completing the Jurisprudence Module:

  • The module may not work on all mobile devices.
  • Technical support is available during regular business hours, call (toll free) 1-800-442-4417 or email
  • You must complete all actions (listen to all content and complete any activities) on each slide to move forward.
  • Use the arrow button on the bottom right of the slide page to move to the next slide.
  • If you have issues moving forward, try using the “menu” tab on the top left to move to forward or try logging out and back in. The module will start where you left off.
  • If you move backward, the slide will re-set and you will need to repeat all actions.
  • At the completion of the module you will come to a certificate screen.
  • Please note that it can take up to 24 hours to show as “Complete” in your 'My Profile'.