Canadian RNs and NPs

Applicants must meet all requirements in order to become registered to practise as a registered nurse in NB.

How long will it take to be registered?

You should begin the application/registration process at least 4-5 weeks before you intend to start work in NB to allow time for required documents to be sent to NANB. It is not unusual for applicants to wait 3-4 weeks for documents to be sent from other regulatory bodies and previous employers.   Your application will only be processed once all required documents are received and requirements have been met.   

Application for Registration Procedure

Please ensure all of the following documents are completed and criteria are met:

  1. Complete the Application Registration Form.
  2. Confirm your identity (legal name) by emailing a copy of your government-issued ID to Acceptable documents include birth certificate, passport, or driver’s license. If you are submitting documents in a different name (e.g. transcripts, verifications from other regulatory bodies), you must provide documentation to support the name change (e.g. marriage certificate or name change certificate).
  3. Arrange for letters of good standing from all regulatory/licensing bodies where you have practised and/or been registered.
    1. Complete section A of the Verification of Registration Form and forward it to the registration/licensing body.
    2. A fee may be required by the other regulatory body to complete this form, so please check with them directly.
  4. Complete the Declaration of Employment Form.
  5. Complete section A of the Confirmation of Hours of Practice Form and forward a copy to each employer where you have worked during the past five years and arrange for the employer to forward the form directly to
  6. Obtain a current Criminal Record Check from, who will send it directly to NANB.
  7. Complete the Jurisprudence module found under your “My Profile” account on the NANB website.
  8. Pay all applicable fees. Please see Fee Schedule.