Former Members of NANB

In order to practise as a registered nurse (RN) in New Brunswick, you must be registered with the Nurses Association of New Brunswick (NANB). It is illegal to practise as a registered nurse without a valid NANB registration. 

If you are currently registered as a nurse or nurse practitioner in another province, follow the instructions for Canadian RNs and NPs.

Application for registration – former NANB members

Applicants must meet the registration requirements set out in NANB’s bylaws and rules. The following are requirements to reapply for registration:

  • A completed Application for Reinstatement of Registration form.
  • If your name has changed since you were last registered with NANB, you must provide official documentation linking your old name to your new name (e.g. marriage certificate or name change certificate).
  • One of the following requirements must be met to prove current nursing knowledge and skills:
    •  Graduation within the past five years;
    • A minimum of 1125 hours of active practise as an RN within the past five years;
    • 450 hours of active practice as an RN within the past six months, plus a reference letter from your employer confirming your competence and recommending you for registration;
    • Completion of an approved refresher program within the past five years;
    • Post secondary education in nursing or healthcare within the past five years.
  • Completion of the Jurisprudence module.
  • If you have practised nursing or were registered as a nurse in another province, you must arrange for letters of good standing from all regulatory/licensing bodies where you have practised and/or been registered.
    • Complete section A of the Verification of Registration Form and forward it to the registration/licensing body.
    • A fee may be required by other regulatory bodies to complete this form, so please check with them directly.
  • Payment of all applicable fees